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Being skater owned and operated we are all about the skating community. That's why we sell extremely high-quality products at affordable prices. Let's face it, a 16-year-old skater can't afford to skate on ceramics if they buy other brand's bearings. Our aim is to have everyone to be able to experience and purchase the highest quality bearings at affordable prices. Please do not mistake our cheaper prices for an inferior product. We welcome you to compare our bearings to the best, we know you will find ours well... Better. 

Another way we like to support the skate community is to sponsor skaters. Every one of our team brings passion, drive, a love for skating and they also give back to the community in some way.  We are proud to have each and every one of them on our team. 

Whilst we are inclusive of all skaters, we are in the business of putting women, and gender diverse humans to the front.

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Melina Rose aka "AnyBody KillHer" (She/Her)

Melina has been skating since childhood, winning the limbo and skating to all the 90's jams at the local roller rink.
She started playing Roller Derby in 2010 and has been expanding skating disciplines since then.
She has been dance/rhythm/jam skating since around 2013 after a roller rink opened locally. Melina then ventured into park/ramp skating around 2015. She also has been teaching JamSkate, RollerFit, Park Skating since around 2015, teaching locally and traveling to teach for skate groups and roller derby leagues. Became a Certified Skate Instructor in 2020.
Most Proud Moments skating - Estrojen (Michelle Steilen) asked me to teach her my trick that I had started posting videos about since around 2013/2015, the trick had started going viral many times over the years, she then named the trick after me back in May 2020 - MelinaSplits, she said it was an iconic trick and it should be named after me!!! Teaching skate dance moves and park skating to my kids, I taught my daughter the grapevine & crazy legs moves and she was able to perform the moves her first tries. Also, teaching skate classes along side one of my idols - @indyjammajones , during her @planetrollerskate book tour. Receiving the Denver Roller Dolls tournament MVP Jammer award at their Colorado Cup Tournament in 2013.
- Favorite thing about skating - The confidence it builds in me & the creativity it allows me to express, whether it's at the rink, at the skate park, trail/street or on the track. Anyone can put in the hard work & practice to unlock new moves and progress their skating, -you don't have to be a 'Classically Trained' roller skater 😂 to be the king or queen of the roller disco 😉-, all you need is a smooth surface and some wheels on your feet - the best wheels and Better Bearings. I enjoy teaching lessons and am a Certified Skate Instructor. I have enjoyed working with several big names over the years such as - Riedells Team Radar, Skater Socks USA, Triple 8 Quad Squad, 187 Quad, Bigfoot Bike and Skate, Marawa's Iwanttogotoparadise, Planet Roller Skate, Dance Skate, Moonlight Roller, Colorado Skate Fitness, Skate Moab. I also enjoy performing skate shows with my husband of 16 years. Teaching JamSkate for Colorado Skate Fitness in the Boulder/Denver area, with my beginner class sold out.
- Fun Fact - 😂 I was once named "Mother of all Skaters" in a viral video made about me, the video was also captioned "Melina AnyBody KillHer Rose is the Queen of Roller Skating". 🤹 I can also juggle and unicycle, but not at the same time, yet.

Deesh (She/her) @rollinwithdeesh

Hiya! Most people know me by deesh or @rollinwithdeesh on Instagram. It hasn’t been a year yet since I started this rollerskating journey but I’m getting pretty close. I started off as a “pandemic skater.” As a tattoo artist in Ontario under lockdown, I was out of work for 3 months in 2020 and 7 straight months in 2021. I was spending a lot of time online, watching the joy and community jam and park skating brought to others and it had me hooked. I desperately wanted/needed that. Once I finally got my hands on a pair of skates (money was so tight) I just couldn’t stop. I enthusiastically set my #365skatechallenge goal on the day my skates arrived - with zero experience and even less expectations. I make sure to skate/film everyday and everyday still, it puts a smile on my face. No matter how rough the day, weeks or months have been, when I lace up my skates, it all melts away. The confidence and strength I’ve gained through skating has been amazing for me. The sense of community that I gained through skating (even with the pandemic) has kept me sane and safe on so many levels and I’m beyond grateful for all the amazing humans I’ve met along the way. Unfortunately where I currently live, severely lacks diversity/ safe spaces for coloured folks but skating has helped me find a place to really fit in, even in my own neighbourhood! Almost every day, someone online says, “you inspired me to get my own pair” and knowing that my joy of skating is being spread to others and potentially growing this safe space, makes me so, so, so grateful!!! 

Gabby (She/her) @raspbabygirl


My name is Gabriela and I am @raspbabygirl on Instagram! I’m a born and raised Floridian and started roller skating at the skate park in the fall of 2020. Growing up I was always searching for a hobby that completed me and it wasn’t until I laced up my skates at the skatepark for the first time that I felt like I finally found what I was looking for. Learning to roller skate has changed my life in ways I never would have imagined. Roller skating has taught me how I absolutely love to fall and love to get up and try again. The empowerment I feel from learning a trick is an amazing feeling that always keeps me motivated. Whenever I go to the skatepark I always try to push myself to learn a new skill each time I’m there. Whether it’s a new slide/stall or just a simple 180 out of a trick I already know, I always try to encourage myself to not let fear hold me back. 

Because of my love of skating I am always trying to visit the skatepark every chance I get, which has ultimately led to me meeting and becoming friends with so many incredible people. I can honestly say that every skater I’ve met has helped me in my roller skating journey. From inspiration of new tricks to immense amounts of encouragement, I am so eternally grateful for being apart of the incredible skating community that Orlando has. 

Daisy McSkater (She/her)

Hi, I’m Daisy 🌼 she/her I’m 14 years old and I live in the west coast of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Iv been Rollerskating for 3 years. My whole family skate, my brother Bob, my Mum  🇦🇺. It’s so fun. I help my Mum with skate lessons too. I love ripping up the skatepark, showing girls (and boys) that we can be strong, fearless and brave anywhere. Skating has been great for my confidence, physical and metal strength.  I have made so many good friends at the skatepark. I recently won my first skate competition, I was so nervous but I was just happy to skate. I won a pair of rollerskates! And can’t wait to roll with my new @betterbearings 💚 

Stella @illhurteinstein

Hi, my name is Stella she/her I am 14 years old from Toronto Canada. I am @illhurteinstein on instagram. I’ll Hurt Einstein is my roller derby name. I chose this because of my love for STEM and because of my shared birthday with Albert. I was in my first season of roller derby when the pandemic hit, I started park skating and jam skating to fill the void. In 2021 I completed the 365 challenge. I am thankful for this challenge because it helped me with my craft and I have meet so many amazing skaters along the way. I competed in two skate competitions this summer, winning best trick in the first and taking first place in the second competition. I had my first summer job working at a drive-in as a carhop delivering food on my roller skates. I am excited to join the Better Bearings team and take my skating to a new level!

Becca aka Jade Skates - They/she

My name is Becca, but I also go by Jade. I bought my first pair of roller skates, randomly, in April 2019. I thought I would mostly use them for transportation, but I kept wanting to learn more tricks. By July, I worked up the courage to go to the skatepark for the first time. I was finally making my childhood dreams a reality at age 29. Even after breaking my wrist 2 months later, I knew I wouldn’t stop. Skating brings me so much joy and much needed confidence. I love that I’m able to be creative and physically active at the same time. I’ve been involved in sports my entire life, but the freedom that comes with skating is unmatched. I literally dream about tricks and lines, then wake up and drill them for hours. Rails, hand plants, and airing gaps are a few of my favorites at the moment. My goal this year is to become more comfortable with flips, inverts and rotations. I’m so excited to be a part of this team and I’m looking forward to another year of makes, bails, and saves.


Taybae Shirley - She/her

Like many others, my skate journey began during the pandemic. My only goals at the time were to get myself outside and
maybe learn how to skate backwards. I couldn’t have possibly imagined the impact skating would end up having on my life.
Today, as a content creator and roller skate instructor for UCSD, I’m still in disbelief that I’m able to live out my passions as a full time job! I mainly do artistic skating but I really enjoy rhythmic, jam and park skating as well. I like to dabble in
everything! My favorite skate sessions are when I completely loose myself to music and let it all flow. Skating truly is therapy for me and I’m forever changed.

Jenna Pressley (She/her) aka Jennalynn.rollersk8s

Hello!! My name is Jenna and you can typically find me skating on Instagram and Tiktok! I have a passion for skating that started when I was only 3 years old! My parents were rink rats as well and had me skating at the young age of 3. I practically lived at the rink on the weekends and Wednesdays until I was about 17 and then life happened. I had my son and then another son and started nursing school which took me away from skating for a while. 
 At age 26, someone at work mentioned roller derby to me. And I was like what?? Skating where I can hit people? Haha sign me up! I went to try outs and knew this was where I was meant to be. During all of this I finished my BSN and MSN. And I’m now a family nurse practitioner. Sometimes I am not sure how I managed to do both! It was a busy life for sure!
Unfortunately, I got so caught up in the competitive nature of roller derby that I forgot what fun skating was about. That is, until quarantine happened. Derby was put on hold and I was distraught! I knew I had to do something to stay active. That’s when I decided to start jam/dance skating again. And boy was I rusty ha! It took me a couple years to get back to where I was as a teenager! And I’m so thankful I had my wife to push me and encourage me and capture these moments along the way. I’m truly blessed. 
My new goal is to complete the 365 daily skate challenge for 2022! And learn a new trick or two each month! 
I’m so excited to join the Better Bearings family and hope you will follow along on my journey! So exciting 😁

Lyndsey aka @theychoosejoy They/them

Hi there! I’m Lyndsey and I first learned and fell in love with skating at age 5. A giant dance floor, my favorite songs, and me with all my friends on wheels? I was OBSESSED! I spent every weekend at the skating rink until eventually getting my first job there working the snack bar. 

When I got back into skating September 2021 after a hiatus to focus on school and work, I realized I want to learn all I can about skating and share that knowledge with other skaters. There are so many skating styles and techniques. With each I can add a new flavor and fall in love with skating all over again. I’m rolling through my #365skatechallenge and vlogging my year on wheels. The world is my dance floor now! With skates on, I know that even if something is hard, I can practice, get better, and have some fun along the way. I've never felt so confident and happy. I'm so grateful for this community of amazing skaters here in Tampa Bay and around the world. I'm so inspired and motivated to keep going anytime I see someone else skating and doing their thing. I can't wait to see where my skates take me next 😊

Taylor (She/her) @thatskaterbio

Hello, I’m Bio (aka Taylor) (She/her). I started skating in 2016 when I found a home in roller derby when I moved states and didn’t know anyone. I quickly realized skating would be a big part of my life and picked up park skating at the end of 2017. After park skating for about a year, I decided to start a local quad skating group (a CIB chapter) which has grown SO much over the last few years. I always love to see people pick up skating and learn new things so I spend a lot of time teaching and giving tips when it’s asked for.
In 2019 I found the International Game of Roller Skate (IGORS) group and joined game after game until I realized being an admin could be equally as fun. I now have been running games for a little over a year and have learned new ways to love roller skating during my time running them. With all the ups and downs of life, skating has stayed steady since I found it. The last 6 years have taught me so much but especially that anyone can skate and everyone should because the community it brings is like nothing else.

Hannah (She/her) @bootsandbats

Hi there, I’m Hannah! I grew up in Texas and moved out to Cali for college. I’m so stoked to join the BB skate team! I started skating in March almost 10 months ago and I think it’s safe to say that I’m addicted. Something about skating at the skatepark is just pure, unadulterated bliss. Most of the time you can catch me shredding at Newark skatepark in the Bay Area, but I bring my skates with me to work and try to visit new parks on my lunch breaks whenever it’s possible. One of my favorite things about skating is how everyone has their own individual steez. If I do a 360, it’s not going to look like your 360 - and that’s the beauty of skating. If you surround yourself with people who amp you up, there’s nothing you can’t do. And that’s what I want to do for other skaters. If you already know me then you know how hype I get for skating - haha. I don’t care if you landed a barani or you just dropped in for the first time, best believe I’ll be right there cheering you on along the way. Discovering park skating changed my life, and I know this opportunity to skate for Better Bearings is going to open so many doors for me. If you’re ever in the area and you want to learn new stuff, or even if you just want a skate pal - hit me up. Not to mention, I’d love to learn new things from you too. You can reach me on instagram @bootsandbats. I regularly make posts about skating, eating disorder recovery, my boyfriend and our pets, environmental science, cooking, autoimmune disease awareness, and did I mention skating?

Sabina - She/her @oven.chips

I'm a neurodiverse park and derby skater from the stolen land of Nipaluna, Lutruwita (Hobart, Tasmania, Aus). I was introduced to park skating by a friend from derby when I did fresh meat and I can't thank her enough for it.

I love the personal growth, freedom of expression and camaraderie that comes with skating at skate parks and it's something I wished everyone could experience.

My skate goals are to pass my knowledge and passion onto as many people as possible to help grow my local scene, stay inspired, keep learning and growing as a skater, and hopefully not get hurt too badly in the process!

I'm very excited and thankful for the opportunity to be on the Better Beatings Team and I can't wait to see how much my team mates and I grow over this next year 😊

Kayla  - She/her @addictedtoskates

My name is Kayla, I’m a park roller skater and illustrator currently living in Montreal. I am best known for my Brani lips, but I also love to slide and grind. 

I started skating the first week of the COVID pandemic when I lived in Toronto. I thought I was the only person in my city who roller skated, but as the restrictions lifted, I realized there were tons of people just like me who were searching for a community and learning how to skate. We started a group chat, hosted weekly meetups, and eventually began throwing roller discos at an outdoor rink. I would design the posters and make new stickers for every event. 

I love combining my passion for art and roller skating. Whenever I paint murals, I wear my roller skates and have a blast making art. 

When I graduated University, I moved to Montreal where I met another community of skaters that felt just as loving and friendly as the people in Toronto. I met a lot of skaters at queer skate meet ups. We would rent mopeds and drive around the city all night hitting downtown street spots and going on short road trips to new skate parks. 

This year I want to bring my grinds and slides into the bowl, continue to find new and interesting ways to hit street spots, and find more opportunities to paint mural on my roller skates. 

Skate video featuring the song “Old Man” by Bunk.

Kimmy - She/her 

Hi I’m Kimmy and @kimmygrace__ on Insta and Tiktok! 

My roller-skating journey began in 2019 when I got my first pair of roller-skates. I had always had fond memories of rolling around with friends and family in skating rinks as a kid for parties or events but never had my own pair. Once I started skating in 2019, I almost instantly became obsessed with the adrenaline rush, freedom, joy, and euphoria that came with skating! I love dance and jam skating to any beat as well as dabbling in park skating every now and then. 

The thing I love most about skating is the gorgeous skate community in which I have made some of the most beautiful and lifelong friends. 

I’m currently working on my 'skate daily' challenge and plan to continue well after the 365 day mark to see just how long I can ‘skate daily’ for! 

I have recently started teaching some skating classes and love seeing skaters of all abilities beaming with joy when they achieve something they were sure they couldn’t do, or they FINALLY get that move they have been working on (I’m sure you know the feeling!). I love giving back to the skate community and sharing the joy and wonder of skating, as well as sharing a few tips and tricks along the way. 


Audrey - She/her

Hey! My name is Audrey, or @skatewithaud on Instagram! I started my life changing skate journey in February of 2021 and, like many, have been obsessed ever since! I started an Instagram account the day I bought my skates to keep my progress journaled, and it ended up introducing me to a supportive community of awesome skaters! My skating interests revolve around jam/dance skating, and I am always trying to learn new moves or variations. My big goal for 2022 is to get to a skate park and expand my skating skillset! I absolutely adore how supportive and uplifting the skate community is, I have yet to meet a skater who isn’t interested in giving pointers or encouragement! I make a point to be as inclusive as possible, and constantly remind others that skating is a journey and beginning can be hard – but worth it. On my Instagram I enjoy sharing snippets of my skate sessions, as well as move breakdowns. There is no better feeling than when a move you’ve been drilling finally clicks! So don’t be shy, reach out to me if you have any questions OR if you just want to obsess about skating with someone – I’m always down! I am so excited to be a part of the Better Bearings team and look forward to continued growth!

Anni - She/her @annii_roller



Hello! I am Anni Roller and I live on my skates.

 I am a rollerdance teacher and an artist, as one of my favorite places is the stage. 

I love feeling how the magic of skating expands, and that has been my job and my life for more than 5 years. 

The plan doesn't matter, if it's day or night, if I'm not on skates, I'm not going. 

I know that skating is art and my goal is for everyone to feel it, in everyday activities and on social networks. Grateful to be part of this team and continue promoting this sport and lifestyle.

Michka Moon - She/her

To Michka, rollerskating is freedom! She also loves to roller skate because it allows her to incorporate dance, which is one of her favorite hobbies asides from skating. The style of rollerskating she does is often referred to as rhythm skating or jam skating. One of her favorite tricks to do on skates is spinning; She likes to challenge herself to see how many spins she can do. What is most special about rollerskating to Michka is the community. she loves learning from experienced skaters in the skate community and passing on any knowledge she has gained to beginner skaters. Helping the rollerskating community to grow is her favorite way to give back. Career-wise, IMichka is a teacher, so naturally, she enjoys helping others learn new skills and teaching rollerskating has become one of her many passions. Another passion of hers is owning a roller rink, wish me luck!
Follow Michka on Instagram: @michkainmotion
And on TikTok: @retroroller

Moli (She/her) @roller_bebi

Moli is a full time roller skater and adventurer, based in Tenerife, Spain. She has been skating for almost six years, doing derby, roller dance, downhill and most of all skateparks. In love with the skater community, if you skate, she wants to be your friend.

Carlae Riley aka Laezii She/her


Laeziis skate style is mainly footwork and freestyling but she takes other styles she's learnt and incorporated them into her craft. Laezii am located in Smyrna, GA, USA, But  was born in Toledo, OH, USA. Outside of skating she dances, she is working on a clothing brand, and very musically inclined with a lot of different projects., she also loves to draw. Laezii also wants to start using her platform to start giving skating tips and advice to help expand the skate world. she's been skating since a very you age and it means a lot to her because, it’s her happy place, stress reliever.. the place where she lets all the bad energy and troubles of the day go. 

Kyle Hamilton He/him

Kyle Hamilkton

Kyle is in his late 20's, he is a father or 4 and he met his wife in Roller Derby.

He has been roller skating since the age of 2 and plans on skating till he is 102. Roller hockey was his main sport growing up where he played in first national championships at the young age of 5. In the under 17 division he went on to play for New Zealand at every age group and made the New Zealand  Men's team when he was just 16 years old.

Currently, Kyle is coaching the New Zealand Woman’s Roller Hockey team.

Kyle found his way into roller derby in 2013 and quickly made a name for himself on the track and had the pleasure of playing for New Zealand in what was to be the first ever men’s international bout against Australia.

Kyle impressed us with his sponsorship application by sending us around 15 videos of him skating on all different disciplines, inline, quads, skateboarding and scootering. His mother sent him to the skate park when he was around 10years old and let’s just say he has never left. He started out on quads but quickly started to pick everything else up as well. 

After spending so much time in the skate park Kyle ended up picking up a job there, this started out as a few hours a week and the turned into a full-time management role. In 2016 Sk8zone closed down and Bay Skate opened up and Kyle transitioned to running this facility. 

Kyle is also currently the New Zealand rep on the Australasian Scooter Association with his main focus on hosting bigger and better scooter comps in New Zealand.

Now his focus is on having fun, passing on his knowledge to anyone that wants it and trying to get as many people rolling as possible. Kyle is always trying to be the best he can be when it comes to skating and roller sports, and we must say he is pretty damn awesome.

Please show him some Instagram love 

Philipp Schmid He/him

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Sarah Rodriguez aka Tara Bishop She/her


Sarah is a Chicana skater originally hailing from Los Angeles, California. She laced up her first pair of skates back in 2010 to play roller derby. These days however, you can find her cruising the streets of the Bay Area, hitting the skateparks, or dabbling in dance skating. Sarah has worked in the field of education for 11 years and finds that planting seeds of social change in our youth probably some of the most rewarding work. She also enjoys organizing and participating in events that support social justice causes in her community.  

Check out her Instagram 

Jess Tredinnick/StarliteXS She/her



Jess lives in Penzance in the far west of Cornwall in the UK. 

She is a mother of two and as a family, they all skate, surf and take full advantage of their surroundings. Jess spends most of her time outdoors, be it surfing, skating (skateboarding and rollerskating), just spending time near the sea walking or chilling on the beach. 

IShe enjoyed rollerskating as a child but didn’t continue as she grew up, spending most of her spare time surfing and participating in Surf Life Saving. She dabbled with rollerblading in her late teens, but then really took to skateboarding and the rollerblades were tossed aside! Jess didn’t then get back on skates until she took up roller derby a few years later, which she played for 2-3 years, but gradually spent more and more time at the skatepark on her skates and less and less time on the derby track. 

Jess tries to keep her skating progressive and loves getting creative (skating odd spots is her absolute favourite) and pushing herself to see what new tricks she can come up with, such as the “pretzel air”.  She's always looking to better her skating and gets huge satisfaction from helping others better their skill set too!

Jess is also sponsored by Anticliquezine.

Ruby Dolan She/her


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Mel / Troubleon8wheels She/her

trouble on 8 wheels

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Coastal Rose She/her


My key goal in life is to live my dreams & inspire & help others to do the same. I run a small watersports place on the beach. I am a qualified instructor of many sports & a personal trainer. I love to teach & help people to achieve their goals & find their passion. I also run a mobile crepe stall. I have put my self in a position where I work only parts of the year so I have time to live, play and love too. I highly recommend it ! I do what I love and get to make people smile, who could ask for more. I love to tour in my van, have adventures and meet new people to make memories with. I love to surf, sup, skate. I like to fish, cook/bake, build & create, am now totally addicted to handstands & spinning & travel, usually on skatepark tours, I review skateparks along the way & add a full tour of the parks on my highlights on my page.

I also followed a dream I had in regards to my passion for skateparks. I worked for 414 Skateparks ramp building at the biggest skate park in Europe, Adrenaline Alley. If there is something I want to do, I will make it happen!

Skatewise, The first time I ever tried ramp was August 2018 . I didn’t go much at first, but soon realised it was my love. I was lucky enough to win my whole set up on the first ever Moxi Summer of skate, so that really sealed the deal for me & helped create my love for rollerskating & the community. I am mainly into ramp skating but will give any skate discipline a go. My favourite skate moves involve getting upside down ! So Hohos, Hoho 180s over a spine, hoho walks across & island and drop in 180. The latest thing I have been working on, are rail slides. Anything that feels good. So going fast, carving & sliding & of course being upside down. Being a dare devil doesn’t come naturally to me, so the main thing I am working on each time I go and skate is the battle of the mind !! 

During pandemic due to being stuck inside more I decided I wanted to learn to spin & try some other dance moves . I cannot dance & have no rhythm , but it’s fun to try & keeps me skating.

DM me anytime,whether you need a shoulder to cry on , a chat, inspiration or some advise X

Nathalie Bellon - Never2late2skate She/her

Hi, I’m Nathalie, 30 years old and born and raised in Belgium. I started rollerskating 2 years and a half. In general, I just love to skate but I do prefer rollerskating. In the first year I focused on rollerdance and tried a bit of skatepark – and street skating. I found it too difficult to focus on both so in 2019 and 2020 my main focus were rollerdance. Since October 2020 I’m going back to the skatepark more often and I love it. I desire to get a lot better in skatepark skating, more creative in rollerdance, discover skating on high heel quads and offroad freeskates.  

I started rollerskating 2 years after I restarted to inline skate again. When inline skating, I always loved the speed and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. When I discovered rollerskating, I was in love right away. It found it somewhat more feminine than inline skating and I felt so much more challenged on quads than on inline skates. As a typical aries, I normally get easily bored but in skating there are just so many aspects that excite me.

When I started rollerskating, very few people rollerskated. I only knew 1 other rollergirl that was also  interested in and really learning about rollerdance. But she lived a bit further away so often we could not meet. In that time very few rollerskate tutorials existed and training in Belgium neither. So I started learning from those YouTube videos and by copying skate moves I saw on Instagram. I did this mostly at the playground of a local school where I could skate. Later I started to attend workshops from international skaters and went to Skate love Barcelona. The only place where I met likeminded skaters was in the Netherlands, at es Quint. It was hard to learn it all by myself and I feel it took me longer because of that. 

I am so happy that I did not gave up and now I’m so grateful for what rollerskating taught me. It made me see that you can achieve your goals by working on them step by step, it taught me patience and especially to be more careful and work towards goals instead of being a reckless daredevil.                                                                                                                             

I start to have more and more skate goals. Some of them: 

  • I dare to dream big and wish to skate in Argentina to go downhill with a team of other skaters. 
  • I would like to visit Venice beach to meet and skate with some of my skate inspirations and experience the amazing vibe of that place. Of course I’d like to do some of those roller rinks.  
  • Skating from a mega ramp 
  • Get as good in spinning as Stormskater, lol 
  • Become a pioneer in the Belgian skate scene. That is why I started the first Dutch YouTube channel about rollerskating to get kids, and those who don’t speak any other language have the opportunity to learn for free. I will also become a skate coach. As the rollerskate community is still very small in Belgium, I try to get involved in the skate scene and be part of a positive change – getting rollerskating and skatepark skating more inclusive.  
  • Making a business out of rollerskating would be nice, although my ideas change and are not yet in reach. 

 Katja She/her

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Brina Wyss She/her

Hi! My name is Brina, also known as Brinaboosk8s on Instagram. I have been aggressive quad skating since June 2019, but I have been recreational rollerblading on trails since I was 2. When I started park roller skating, I had crazy goals of dropping in on a 13 foot halfpipe, and to flip in/out of the bowl. Since then, with the help of my cheerleading and gymnastics experience, I have reached those goals and learned lots of tricks along the way. I currently live in Denver and have met so many amazing skaters! I realized how big the skating community had gotten in Denver, so I started up the CIB Denver chapter in March 2020. Our weekly meetups gave me the confidence to share my skate knowledge with new skaters, which led to me joining Denver Skates as an aggressive quad skating instructor at skate parks! I’m very passionate about helping people find their full potential on roller skates, so this is a dream job for me. I’m happiest when I’m on my wheels.

Garry Manfroid He/him

Garry is from Belgium, Currently living in Melbourne Australia.
He has been skating online for 22years, and on rollerskate for 5years.
Favourite tricks: Backflip- Fakie 540
Founder member of “Brunny Hardcore”

Darby Beeson aka Roller_Darby She/her

Hi, I am a 15-year-old skater from a city at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Roller skating for over a decade, I have learnt to skate by many of the great skaters worldwide. In 2018 Estro invited me to join the Moxi Mini Skate Team, with the help of Estro and a gymnastics coach back home I was able to begin landing flips the next summer. I love roller derby and made the 2020 Junior Team Canada (world cup cancelled due to covid). One of the founding members of @truenorthskaters an organization that helps provide affordable options of indoor skating to those who roll in the Calgary area. The ground in the area is snow-covered for 5/6months a year, leaving skaters with nowhere to go.  This year like last year, has the same goal: Skate as much as I can before the snow hits.

Ruby (They/them) 


My name is Ruby and on instagram I’m @mothrask8. I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina and I pretty much grew up on skates: I started playing roller derby when I was 10 and got absolutely hooked on it. I love the flow to rollerskating and the communities it exposes you to. I started skating at parks about 2.5 years ago and again, it was incredibly intoxicating. I love the adrenaline high, the feeling of achievement, and just being active in my body. 

My skating style is all about power and flow. I love going inverted, getting air, and trying new things in general- anything that scares me.

I think of rollerskating as a tool to reconnect and reclaim a persons physical form. As someone who deals with dysphoria and body image issues, skating forces me to take care of my body and see the value in it.

I like to think that I stand for empowerment through skating. I tend to be pretty vulnerable on social media because I think it’s important to shift the focus of the skating world away from achievement and towards fun and building community. 

When I’m not skating I’m making art! I’m an aspiring artist of some sort (unsure right now) and I work relentlessly on commissions, original paintings, and stocking my etsy in hopes that I can one day have a career doing this thing I love so much.

My main skating goal right now is to learn an invert, but I honestly just go skating to have a good time , not to bust out new tricks every session. I like seeing my skating buddies and meeting new people who find comfort in knowing that people like me belong at the skate park. I like the sound of wheels on concrete and being scared out of my mind but ending up alright, I like the soaring feeling. It’s really a spiritual experience.

Gabbi Mattos (She/her) @miss.spin_gabi

Gabi Mattos

My name is Gabi AKA and I am a roller skater based in Canada. I started my journey last May, and my story is one you commonly hear in the community. I was in lockdown with nothing better to do then pick up a new hobby and so I started skating. Little did I know how big of an impact this decision was going to have on my life. 
There is so much I love about skating! I love how free it makes me feel. I love that I have personal goals that have nothing to do with a career or my future. I love that I am now active while having fun, since prior to skating I was a couch potato. I love the community I got to join. I love the friends I’ve made from around the world and most of all... I love that I get to inspire others. Roller skating saved me this past year and I know I’m not the only one.

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