Women's Wellness Empowerment Skate

Better Bearings is a proud sponsor of this event Sunday April 10th. It's a safe space for female identifying skaters of all levels, to share grow, groove and support each other.  Get your tickets here 

Womans Empowerment Skate
Women's Empowerment Skate Sponsors
Women's Empowerment Skate Program

Fitzy Fruit Bowl Jam

Better Bearings is a proud sponsor of Fitzy Fruit Bowl Jam. 

Fitzy Fruit Bowl Jam

Skater Migration

Skater Migration 2022

Better Bearings is proud to be sponsoring this years Skater Migration 3 day event in South Beach Miami. 

4 FEB AT 06:30 – 7 FEB AT 09:30 UTC+10:30

Facebook event here


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