B2B Stockist Terms & Conditions


When placing an order with Better Bearings, the customer agrees to be bound by the following terms.


Prices for all products in on our website and in our catalogues are in Australian Dollars ($AUD), unless you are an international stockist and they will be in ($USD). All prices are correct at the time of publication. However, Better Bearings reserves the right to alter prices for any reason. If the price of a product that you order has been altered, Better Bearings will contact you prior to processing your order. Better Bearings will provide Tax Invoices in the prescribed form for all accepted orders. The product will only be supplied to you if Better Bearings has received the full amount for your order. Better Bearings require you to stick to selling the product at RRP and any discounts require written permission from Better Bearings.


Freight will be charged based on the weight of the order and the location they are going to or where an order has special delivery instructions. When you place an order for products with delivery instructions, Better Bearings will contact you to provide a freight quote prior to processing your order. Better Bearings reserves the right to determine the method of delivery for any approved order, except for those orders with special delivery instructions. All international orders require a special freight quote. If you place an order for international delivery PLEASE email us through your order and Better Bearings will contact you to provide a special freight quote. We will not be responsible for any consequences (direct or indirect) arising from the damage in transit, late or non-delivery of goods due to events beyond our control. call Kerryn on + 61 488 221 181 or visit email, info@ betterbearings.com.au and we’ll get straight back to you.


We reserve the right to modify or change product specifications. We do this in order to improve our product range and availability. This will only be done when we consider the alternate product to be equal or better in performance and suitability. From time to time products may not exactly match photographs in our catalogues or on our website. Every product is intended for use only for the activity described. If you need information on how to install, use or maintain our product please ask us. Products to be used by children should only be used under proper adult supervision. The selection and suitability of items to be used by children remain at the discretion of the purchaser.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with any product, please return it to Better Bearings in original condition and original packaging within 7 days of receipt of the product. The returned products may be exchanged for a credit note. We do not offer a refund for items incorrectly ordered, used or no longer required. All returns must be authorised by Better Bearings. Better Bearings will not accept product returns for custom made products, unless such custom made products are faulty, or do not conform to specifications. Freight charges on returns will not be credited. Also, freight will be charged when sending any exchanged products.


If you receive a product which is faulty (or where the product is custom made and does not conform to specifications) contact Better Bearings to arrange free return delivery and an exchange, refund or credit to your account. All returns must be authorised by Better Bearings. If you receive an order with shortages, contact Better Bearings immediately to arrange for delivery of the product shortage. You will not be charged for the freight costs of products sent out to satisfy product shortages. Better Bearings will not accept returns for products that have been damaged after delivery. You should notify Better Bearings of the fault (or in the case of custom made products, non-conformance to specifications) within a reasonable time of delivery, provide full details of the fault along with the invoice number, and look after the products until they are returned.

COPYRIGHT This website, packaging, business collateral and our printed catalogues (or any part thereof) cannot be reproduced in any form whatsoever without prior written approval from Better Bearings.


Manufacturers warranty for Better Bearings products is void as soon as the products are used, due to the nature of the product being consumable and the unforeseen circumstance of treatment of the product. We do however we inspect and hand package all our products to minimise any manufacture faults. If you do think the goods are factory faulty please let us know, we will get you to send them back for us to check out and exchange it for a new one. All Better Bearings products are not intended for use in stunt riding, ramp jumping, acrobatics, or similar activities or with motors or power-driven vehicles (IE getting towed behind a car etc). The user assumes the risk of any personal injuries, death, damages to or failures of the products, and any other losses including but not limited to any property damage if the product has been used in any such manner. The buyer understands that Bearings are mechanical and need to be cleaned and maintained in the prescribed manner as per our technical handouts available on this website to keep performing, failing to do this may lead to the product becoming unfit for use. Keep your bearings out of the water and look after them. If you need help maintaining your products please feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to help you out.


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