Better Bearings Always Considering the Environment.

Better Bearings Always Considering the Environment.

Every decision we make at Better Bearings we consider the environment, we are proud to say the following services we use are carbon neutral. 

- Phone and Internet;

- Australian Couriers;

- We use an Electric Vehicle;

- Carbon Neutral Energy at Australian Office. 

Our courier bags are Zero Waste and home compostable.  

Where possible we have removed plastic from our packaging and you can also get our bearing wash in a previously used drink container. 

Our T-shirts are certified organic fair trade. 

We give 5% of our profits to UN Women Australia.

 We have also;

- Planted 1 tree to nurture the environment in India;
- Provided 3 square. meters of rainforest protection;
- Provide 519 days of substance support to farmers in Cambodia;
- Planted 5 forest trees to help the environment;
- Planted 4 tangerine trees, in Malawi;
- We rescued 1kg of food going to landfill;
- We've given access to solar lighting for 120 days to under privileged people;
- Rescued 195 meals for the hungry in the USA;


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